Sullivans Cove TD0314 14 Year Old Special Single Cask 2008 Single Malt Whisky

Part of the Special Cask label, this is Special Cask Edition #16 of exceptional Tasmanian Single Malt from Sullivans Cove. It was matured in a 225L first fill French oak ex-Muscat cask. One of 287 bottles released. It was distilled in September 2008 and bottled in January 2023.
The Special Cask label is reserved for Sullivans Cove’s rarest whiskies. One-of-a-kind releases that don’t fall into their usual French or American Oak styles, these whiskies must also have exceptional scores from their tasting panel and represent the heights of what Sullivans Cove can achieve.

    Nose:    Immediately deep, rich and full of delightful French oak ex-Muscat derived qualities. The nose swells gently on entry into a crescendo of apothecary box aromas, light date syrup, cinnamon, teriyaki and bonito flakes, the latter a briny nod towards Sullivans Cove spirit character. Enter: a bright pop of orange among the oaky, muscat forward wafts, followed by custard covered Christmas cake, toasted nuts and sesame snaps meet a base of raspberry jubes, cacao, cinnamon and banana sherbet. There is a salty-savoury inkling that rests below all, another key Sullivans Cove character adding dimension to a truly layered, complex and decadent nose.

    Taste:    A brief and well-placed pause allows a moment to process between the nose and the palate, before a big burst of spirit-derived sweet citrus moves in (mandarin/satsuma). A second wave of orange complimented by marzipan appears, alongside a fresh aloe vera and mango mineral water note. The mid-palate brings about more citrus with the addition of French oak spice (nutmeg and clove), and a light eucalypt note. Sullivans Cove brininess is there with a distinct minerality, the texture remains thick and syrupy with a light grip of oak and a full body.

    Finish:   The finish takes a dive into some dark depths of French oak and Muscat, equally as alluring and complex as the nose and palate: cocoa, sweetened French earl grey, a herbal medley (coriander, dill and green tea), lingering spices and then sweet cereals (a nod back towards the malt base of it all). A wave of honeycomb, Maltesers and Easter chocolate trail off to leave brioche with Nutella and digestive biscuits. A deliciously malty finish.