Sullivans Cove TD0094 15 Year Old Single Cask 2006 Single Malt Whisky

This Single Cask of exceptional Tasmanian Single Malt from Sullivans Cove was matured in a 300L American oak cask previously filled with an older batch of Sullivans Cove Single Malt Whisky. One of 405 bottles released. It was distilled in May 2006 and bottled in November 2021.

    Nose:    A somewhat shy character greets us, but swiftly opens into a pillowy, vanillic delight. Confectionary and fruit drive the next wave with lemonade icy poles, lychee, wafts of jersey caramels and musk sticks, met by sweet pine. There is an incredible amount of nuance; sweet citrus (lemon cheesecake and grapefruit blanketed by a musky rose warmth), and with time and air the fruity bones of Sullivans Cove spirit emerge (apricot muesli bars and pineapple lollies), alongside sponge cake, vanilla wafers, and fresh nashi pear.

    Taste:    Transitioning to the palate with an initial soft pucker, a swell of supple tannins and a tidal wave of warm vanilla, our attention is drawn to the oak profile: old and sweet. The texture of the spirit is oily and viscous, thickening further with each minute it receives air in the glass. Bright orange sherbet and old oak take a turn to yellow gummy lollies - the confection driven side of the palate emerging alongside delicate tingles of oak-driven spice, incense, old books and roasted chestnut. Then, waves of vanilla cream weaving throughout and binding all of the elements together.

    Finish:   The supple tannins and vanilla gained from the oak carry over from the palate and are present in perfect harmony, met by waves of rhubarb crumble, buttery croissant and rosemary. There is delicate oak - reminiscent of paperbark - intertwining the buttery, crumbly, sweet malt profile. Coconut icing finger buns usher you to a generously long finish of Weetbix covered in vanilla sugar – an appropriately Australian ending to a delicious single cask, evoking memories of breakfast before school, no hat no play, and a treat from Bakers Delight.