Roseisle 10 Year Old Special Release 2023 The Origami Kite

Part of the Special Releases 2023 ‘Spirited Xchange’ from Diageo, this is the Roseisle 10 Year Old Single Malt called ‘The Origami Kite’. At Roseisle Distillery, whisky making is a masterful merging of simple elements to create a stunning single malt that soars with profound flavours. Notes of sweet vanilla smoothly sail through this lofty expression, from which rise deep, luscious flavour notes of rich, sticky stewed fruits.

    Nose:    On the mellow nose, the overall impression is ‘lush', which is to say rich in promise, with the light sweetness of vanilla, a touch of molasses and some cereal, yet also complex and well-integrated, with fruity and nutty notes to explore. The top notes suggest a light vanilla sponge with butter icing; this aroma increases in the development; hints of ripe peach and white chocolate lie beneath. All of these notes are subtle and reserved. It was bottled at cask strength.

    Taste:    Smoothly creamy in texture and sweet to taste, with vanilla icing, before a spicier complexity brings balancing richness. There are more notes of vanilla midpalate, soaring above a deep fruitiness, and the sweetness lasts throughout. Very appealing to drink.

    Finish:    Long, finishing richly sweet and lightly spicy, with a touch of white pepper.