Lagavulin Distillers Edition 2023 Release Single Malt Whisky

Since 1997, the Distiller’s Editions from Diageo have been an annual release of limited quantities in which fine malts are double matured in different types of cask wood, chosen to complement the characteristics of each mature whisky. The second maturation takes place in batches, using individually prepared casks that have held a specially selected fortified wine. The result is a range of sublime, deeply flavoured single malt whiskies, each very much true to its origins.
These are the 6 bottlings of the 2023 release: Glenkinchie (Lowlands), Dalwhinnie (Highlands), Cragganmore (Speyside), Oban (West Highlands), Talisker (Isle of Skye), and Lagavulin (Islay), featuring a variety of styles with unique aroma and taste profiles.

Part of the Distiller’s Editions, this is Lagavulin 2023 release. The whisky had its first maturation in refill American oak and European oak, and finished in Pedro Ximenez seasoned re-charred American oak, with heavily re-charred in new American oak ends.

    Nose:    Deep and expressive, as aromas of dark oak and raisins dowsed in liquor reveal the sweet wine cask and restrain the eager peat, wrapping fragrant smoke in grounded notes of oak and wine. In time the smoke rises, as if to reflect the unquenchable intensity within.

    Taste:    At natural strength, oily and sweet spicy to start, the sweetness fully integrated and never cloying, delivering a fruity, raisin sweet smokiness throughout that is rich in dark intent and roasted malt alike. The smokiness intensifies as the peat asserts itself. Saltiness joins it, the whole becoming drying with a hint of espresso coffee grounds. The rich sweetness is beautifully integrated with the smoke, salt and spice.

    Finish:   Very long, and darkly smoky: delightfully warming in its deep, dark oak spiciness. Lingering smoky aftertaste.