Highland Park Keystones Series Part Two Shiel 2017 Release

Highland Park Keystone Series is a collection of special bottlings that highlight the five Keystones of production in the making of Highland Park. The series has 5 releases: Hobbister, Shiel, Quercus, Yesnaby and Hillhead.
Part two of the Keystones Series, Highland Park Shiel is a Limited Edition of only 1200 bottles.
On the malting floor, barley produces substantial heat as it germinates. So, every eight hours, for six days, they painstakingly turn the malted grain by hand to maintain just the right amount of moisture (5%) to fully absorb the intense aromatic smoke –the‘reek’– from the Hobbister Moor peat that smoulders in their kilns. Usually, the hand-turned floor maltings account for 20% of the malt used in Highland Park but, for this special release, they have used 100% to deliver a powerful intensity of peat smoke. SHIEL symbolises the effort they put into every grain.

    Nose:    Unashamedly smoky, camphor, eucalyptus, violets and vanilla.

    Taste:    Dry peatiness, pencil shavings with light vanilla.

    Finish:    Dry and lingering peatiness.