Highland Park Keystones Series Part One Hobbister 2016 Release

Highland Park Keystone Series is a collection of special bottlings that highlight the five Keystones of production in the making of Highland Park. The series has 5 releases: Hobbister, Shiel, Quercus, Yesnaby and Hillhead.
Part one of the Keystones Series, Highland Park Hobbister is a Limited Edition of only 1200 bottles.
Hobbister takes its name from the distillery’s peat moor. Lying seven short miles from the distillery, the exposed and barren moor offers little cover from the ferocious winds that frequently batter the island. While this environment creates a unique aromatic peat consisting of decaying heather and plants. Rather than the trees that characterise the peat used by other distilleries.

    Nose:    Ripening lemon, sandalwood and green apple skins.

    Taste:    Vanilla, ginger, star anise, liquorice and charcoal.

    Finish:    Spicy, sweet with lingering sweet smokiness.