Highland Park Magnus Collection 3x 700ml

A collection of three stunning bottles designed by Stoelze Flaconnage to replicate bottlings from 150 years ago.  The label of these whiskies features an image of the saint taken from the stained glass window in the Cathedral. The bottles are presented in wooden crates etched with Highland Park branding.


Highland Park Earl Magnus 15 Year Old 1st Edition Single Malt Whisky

The first release takes its name from earl Magnus, an 11th century Christian who was murdered by his cousin. The Cathedral of Kirkwall was built in memory of Earl Magnus. Matured for 15 years with the addition of some casks from the early 1990s, it was bottled in 2009, only 5,976 bottles released

Highland Park Saint Magnus 12 Year Old 2nd Edition Single Malt Whisky

The second release celebrates Saint Magnus, 20 years after the murder of the Earl by his treacherous cousin Haakon, the Earl was canonized. Matured for 12 years and bottled in 2010, only 11,994 bottles released.

Highland Park Earl Haakon 18 Year Old 3rd Edition Single Malt Whisky

The third release of the series was named after the Earl Magnus’s cousin, who orchestrated the murder of Earl Magnus. Matured for 18 years and bottled in 2011, only 3,300 bottles released.