Glenmorangie Allta Private Edition Single Malt Whisky

Glenmorangie Allta is a Limited Edition Single Malt released to mark the 10th anniversary of Glenmorangie’s Private Edition series.
Allta, which means ‘wild’ in Scots Gaelic, is made using a species of local wild yeast that Dr. Bill Lumsden discovered growing on the barley near the Glenmorangie distillery. The yeast was cultivated, and when the barley on which it had grown was ready to use, Dr. Lumsden brought it all together for distillation, with the spirit being aged in ex-bourbon barrels. The result is this amazing dram.

    Nose:    Fruity nose, on pineapple and banana, and vanilla.

    Taste:    Slightly oily, with pepper, ginger and slight bitterness. Vanilla, fresh herbs, and banana again.

    Finish:    Medium finish on orange and spices.