Glenmorangie Bacalta Private Edition Single Malt Whisky

Glenmorangie Bacalta is a limited edition single malt Scotch whisky, released as part of Glenmorangie's Private Edition range. The name "Bacalta" means "baked" in Gaelic, and refers to the whisky's unique finishing process in Malmsey Madeira casks, which are baked in the sun before being filled with whisky.

The Malmsey Madeira casks used to finish Glenmorangie Bacalta impart a rich and complex flavor profile, making it a highly sought-after whisky for collectors and enthusiasts. Only 8,000 bottles of this limited edition release were produced, so if you have the opportunity to taste it, we highly recommend doing so - it is a true testament to the innovative spirit of the Glenmorangie distillery.

    Nose:    Sweet, white chocolate, honey, biscuits and apricots.

    Taste:    Fruity and sweet, orange, honey, date, raisins.

    Finish:   The aftertaste is long, syrupy, toffee, citrus fruit.