Glenlivet Cipher Single Malt Whisky

The remote and isolated Livet valley made it ideal for illicit distillation. This is where Glenlivet’s founder George Smith learned his craft. In 1824 Glenlivet became the first legal distillery in the area. By the late ‘30’s, Glenlivet distillery was producing more than 200 gallons a week. After a long battle for the Glenlivet name rights, in 1884 the distillery became ‘The Glenlivet’. To this day, Glenlivet continues George Smith’s vision to break traditions, set new standards and mode things forward, selecting exceptional unique casks, finishes and liquids to open up the world of single malt to all.

Following the 2013's Glenlivet Alpha, Cipher has been released in the same way. The bottle is opaque black, no cask-type information has been released and no tasting notes.

    Nose:    Dried fruits and red apples, muffins with powdered sugar, hence vanilla.

    Taste:    Sweet, reminiscent of a cake with candied fruits and dried fruits, quite rich and bright.

    Finish:    Sweet, bright, repeating taste, accompanying for quite a long time.