George Dickel 9 Year Old Hand Selected Barrel Sour Mash Whisky

Part of the Hand Selected Barrel releases from George Dickel, this is a Hand Crafted Small Batch 9 Year Old Sour Mash Tennessee Whisky.
Aged at least 9 years, a small number of barrels are selected by George Dickel’s distiller for their exceptional balance and delicacy and then blended together. Charcoal mellowing and George Dickel’s unique aging process form a smooth, premium whisky. Each barrel imparts its own unique taste and aroma ensuring that no two are the same. Some barrels develop a particularly special character that deserves even more time in barrel to fully develop.

    Nose:    Sweet, vanilla, caramel and apples.

    Taste:    Hints of vanilla and spice, brown sugar and chocolate.

    Finish:   Long, balanced, pleasant.