Dalmore The Quintet Single Malt Whisky

Part of a series released by Dalmore originally for the Travel Retail market, The Quintet has been released in 2020. The mini-series includes three whiskies from the Highland distillery, each release was matured in an increasing number of cask finishes, with the Trio being finished in three casks, the Quartet in four casks and the Quintet in five casks.
The Quintet has been finished in five different types of casks: Muscatel casks, Malmsey Madeira casks, 30 Year Old Matusalem sherry casks, 10 year old Port casks, and Bordeaux Cabernet Sauvignon casks.

    Nose:    Chunky old English marmalade, Napoleon cake and over ripe plums.

    Taste:    Glace nectarines, caramelised pineapple, nutty toffee, mango and coconut blancmange.

    Finish:    Maple syrup, Colombian coffee and crushed almonds.