Chichibu On The Way 2013 Release Single Malt Whisky

Chichibu Distillery started producing its famous Whisky in 2008. It is a small distillery which specializes in single malt whisky and was the first whisky distillery built in Japan since the 1970s. The distillery is owned by Venture Whisky Ltd., established by Ichiro Akuto in 2004 in Chichibu, a city in Japan’s Saitama Prefecture, about 100 kilometres from Tokyo. Ichiro Akuto was born into a family with a long brewing tradition, they had started sake brewing in Chichibu around 1625. To this day the natural environment, seasonal characteristics and the high quality of the water provide perfect conditions for distilleries.

This edition of Chichibu ‘On The Way’ was released in 2013 and is made from various vintages from between 2008 and 2010, all matured in bourbon casks then finished in Mizunara wood.

    Nose:    Sweet and grainy with notes of vanilla at first nosing. Yeasty, notes of candy floss, melons and apricot jam.

    Taste:    Fruity (canned peaches, oranges) and very sweet at first mouthfeel, then it becomes powerful, hot and peppery. Notes of sandalwood are present as well.

    Finish:    Very long and spicy, warming from deep inside. Very pleasant.