Chichibu Paris Edition 2021 Single Malt Whisky

Chichibu Distillery started producing its famous Whisky in 2008. It is a small distillery which specializes in single malt whisky and was the first whisky distillery built in Japan since the 1970s. The distillery is owned by Venture Whisky Ltd., established by Ichiro Akuto in 2004 in Chichibu, a city in Japan’s Saitama Prefecture, about 100 kilometres from Tokyo. Ichiro Akuto was born into a family with a long brewing tradition, they had started sake brewing in Chichibu around 1625. To this day the natural environment, seasonal characteristics and the high quality of the water provide perfect conditions for distilleries.

The 2021 is the fourth release of the Chichibu Paris Edition which is titled Conquête (Conquest). The artwork on the label features one of the many iconic newspaper kiosks of Paris. The whisky has been produced from a variety of different types of barley. These include Concerto, Peated Concerto, Venture, Braemar, Tipple and Propino. It was distilled between 2013 and 2015 which would make the final product around 6 years old.

    Nose:    Harmonious, sweet, fruity, spicy, with powerful vanilla. Green apple, juicy orange, full pound of vanilla, lime, cinnamon, green tea, hay, subtle oak spice.

    Taste:    Very fruity and powerful, slightly spicy. Rather light body. Orange, vanilla, mate tea, green apple, caramel, honeydew melon.

    Finish:    Short to medium length finish. Again, the green apple with some vanilla. Slightly dry, very slightly sticky.