Balvenie Doublewood 17 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

The Balvenie is a unique range of single malts created by David C. Stewart MBE, The Balvenie Malt Master. Their Core Range gains its distinctive character from maturation in two distinct cask types in succession, a proprietary process pioneered by David in 1983 with The Balvenie Classic. Each whisky has its own unique taste, but each is rich, luxuriously smooth and underpinned by the distinctively honeyed character of The Balvenie.
Balvenie’s whisky-making process is dedicated to maintaining the Five Rare Crafts and it is the only distillery in Scotland that still grows its own barley, uses traditional floor maltings and keeps both a coppersmith and a team of coopers on site.

The DoubleWood 17 year old is an elder sibling to DoubleWood 12 year old and shares its honeyed, spicy characteristics, but it is distinctly different, with deeper vanilla notes, hints of green apple, creamy toffee and a striking richness and complexity.

    Nose:    Elegant and complex oak, vanilla, honeyed sweetness and a hint of green apple.

    Taste:    Sweet with dried fruits, sherbet spice, toasted almonds and cinnamon, layered with a richness of creamy toffee notes and traces of oak and deep vanilla.

    Finish:    Vanilla oak, honey and spicy sweetness.