Arran 18 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

The Isle of Arran was at various times home to more than 50 illicit distilleries, with the only licenced whisky-making facility at Lagg operating from 1825 to 1837. Whisky production returned to the island during the 1990s, with Isle of Arran Distillers being established in 1995 by former Chivas Brothers managing director, Harold Currie, and two associates.
Great malt whisky is a distillation of the place it’s made. The local water, microclimate and air quality all influence the spirit as it’s distilled and matured. Isle of Arran whisky couldn’t come from anywhere else but this wee rock, of twenty miles by ten.

The Arran 18 year old is the one of the most popular expressions in the distillery’s core range of single malts and one of the oldest available.

    Nose:    Orchard fruits with syrup and toasted oak.

    Taste:    Caramelised orange, dark chocolate, baked peaches.

    Finish:    Sweetness, Spice, Citrus, Baked peaches.