Ardbeg Drum Committee Release Single Malt Whisky

Officially launched in January 2000, the Ardbeg Committee is a fan club that loosely tasked with safeguarding the distillery from a return to its darker days of the previous century. Open to anyone to register, the club has access to exclusive releases like this one, which are never available to the public. Every year, members of the Ardbeg Committee are given advance access to a pre-release version. These Committee Releases are generally at cask strength and are exclusively labelled.
Drum was the Ardbeg Day limited release for 2019. Drum is an ex-bourbon cask matured Ardbeg which has been finished in ex-rum casks from ‘the Americas’.

    Nose:    Sweet nose, bright peat, lemon, tropical fruits.

    Taste:    Creamy, dry peat, vanilla pudding, canned pineapple, cinnamon.

    Finish:    Peat heat, cinnamon, condensed milk.