Ardbeg 1998 Renaissance 10 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

Renaissance is the final instalment in a quartet of whiskies bottled to mark Ardbeg’s resurrection form after being purchased by Glenmorangie PLC and re-opened in 1997, following a six-year hibernation. Renaissance was the conclusion of Ardbeg's 'Peaty Path to Maturity,' preceded by Very Young, Still Young, and Almost There. All were distilled in 1998, with this bottled in 2008 achieving 10 years of maturity.
This release was launched at Ardbeg Day during the Feis Ile in 2008.

    Nose:    Apples and pears, sea salt, bacon in the background sizzling on a charcoal fire. Grated lime zest, the juice of a pineapple.

    Taste:    There is peat smoke and sea salt, but also very sweet, almost candied fruit. Overripe pineapple, lemons, oranges and light apples.

    Finish:    In the long finish, wafts of smoke drift through, dried herbs and roasted lemon peel cover the tongue.