Yamazaki Tsukuriwake Selection Peated Malt 2022 Edition

Since 1923, Suntory has pioneered the Art of Japanese Whisky. The creation and innovation unique to Suntory Whisky is revered among whisky lovers worldwide.
The Yamazaki Whisky is Suntory's flagship single malt whisky, from Japan’s first and oldest malt distillery. With a range of options from Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve to 12, 18, and 25 years old, all of these prized whiskies contain carefully blended components aged in American, Spanish, and Japanese Mizunara oak.

The 2022 Yamazaki Cask Series Tsukuriwake Selection is a collection of four whiskies: Puncheon, Peated Malt, Spanish Oak and Mizunara, that lifts the veil on the foundational pillars of Yamazaki single malt. Tsukuriwake means “artisanship through a diversity of making”, a philosophy that the House of Suntory has embraced in its entirety.
Part of the Tsukuriwake Selection, the 2022 Edition Yamazaki Peated Malt, has been made with a blend of carefully selected peated malt that creates the rich and refined smoky character that Yamazaki is known for. The ‘hidden accent’ element in Yamazaki single malts is the peated malt that provides earthy, rich undercurrents and complex smoky backbone.

    Nose:     Subtly smoky with green herbal notes.

    Taste:     Gently peated with hints of earthiness, pineapple and citrus notes.

    Finish:    Complex with lingering peatiness.