Thomas H Handy Sazerac 2018 Straight Rye Whiskey

Part of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection this is the 2018 release of Thomas H Handy Rye from Sazerac. Thomas H. Handy is a rye whiskey named after the New Orleans bartender and former owner of the Sazerac Coffee House, who first used rye whiskey in the Sazerac Cocktail. It was matured for over 6 years in 73 charred American white oak barrels before it was bottled at a cask strength.

    Nose:    Powerful, lush, and boldly spicy.

    Taste:    Toffee, fig cake, and candied fruit, followed by mint, cinnamon and clove.

    Finish:   Long and warm with subtle notes of allspice, coconut and nutmeg.