Teeling Irish Virgin Oak Finish Distillery Exclusive Irish Whiskey

Located in the heart of the historic Liberties, against the backdrop of a city steeped in whiskey history, the Teeling Whiskey Distillery opened its doors in 2015 as the first new distillery in Dublin for over 125 years. Whiskey making and entrepreneurship have been in the Teeling genes since as far back as 1782 when Walter Teeling set up a small craft distillery on Marrowbone Lane in Dublin city. Since 2012, Jack and Stephen Teeling, the latest generation of Teeling Whiskey makers, have been putting their own mark on Irish whiskey and came full circle when they proudly opened the new Teeling Whiskey Distillery just down the road from where the original family distillery once stood.

Teeling Distillery Exclusive Irish whiskey use their award-winning Small Batch base of grain and malt whiskey aged in bourbon casks in order to explore the unique effect that unusual styles of wood have. For St. Patrick's Day, the national holiday in Ireland they specifically chose Teeling Whiskey aged in Virgin Irish Oak barrels to celebrate all things Irish and the unique influence Irish Oak has imparted on their whiskey.

    Nose:    Fresh coffee & sweet cacao intermingled with citrus peel and leather with a slight floral background.

    Taste:    Big hits of vanilla and caramel texture, along with warming oak spice.

    Finish:    Prolonged finish dominated by black peppercorns and clove giving way to oak tannins and a background of vanilla sweetness.