Talisker 45 Year Old Glacial Edge Xpedition Oak Series

Talisker distillery’s first ever release of a 45 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky, aged for over four decades and then finished in ice-fractured casks. This is the finale to an adventurous series of wild whisky experiments – the third and last of the Talisker Xpedition Oak Series, a collection of rare, high-aged Single Malt whiskies.
For 96 hours, heavily charred American Oak casks were placed on the frozen land and exposed to the raw biting Arctic winds. The cask wood took on new character and the nearly half century old Talisker was laid to rest in ice-fractured casks.
Only 2,455 bottles released.

    Nose:    Rich, dry and mellow, with a light peppery prickle. Clear maritime top notes speak of seaweed and iodine; their glacial mineral companions suggest slaked lime and salt crystals. Below, complex sweet aromas hint at dried fruits and creamy vanilla, bringing depth and richness. Light smoke threads the background, touched by aromatic sandalwood.

    Taste:    The texture is wondrously oil-smooth and mouth-filling; the taste starts toffee-sweet then becomes mouth-wateringly salty and increasingly peppery; even at this age there is a striking intensity to it, and a fine chili ‘catch’.

    Finish:   Very long, with a glorious chili pepper effect and a trace of candle-wax; this grows in the aftertaste, in which both saltiness and pepper also persist.