Springbank Longrow 21 Years Old Peated Limited 2022

Springbank Named after another lost distillery of Campbeltown (which once operated right next door to Springbank and whose warehouse now houses our bottling hall), Longrow was first produced in 1973 to provide a peaty, oily and robust component to a blend being created at the time. More heavily peated and double distilled, it has been a staple in the production calendar since the 1990s. Longrow Peated offers those who enjoy a heavily peated whisky the chance to enjoy a lingering, smoky taste that travels through the senses.
This is the 2022 Edition of the 21 Year Old annual release from Longrow. It has been matured in bourbon and sherry casks.

    Nose:    A soft peat influence introduces this dram, reminiscent of smoked mussels and cured meats, balanced with sweet notes of apricot and peach.

    Taste:    The peat influence becomes more robust on the palate while retaining the coastal characteristics typical to Longrow, with notes of seaweed and samphire coming through. The sweetness from the nose persists in notes of soft, ripe berries.

    Finish:    A delicate, creamy finish, there are notes of raspberries, caramelised butter, cranachan and prolonged peat smoke.

Please note: Springbank labels are extremely prone to scuffing. We cannot guarantee these items are like new.