Michter’s US*1 Barrel Strength Toasted Barrel Finish Rye

Michter's Barrel Strength Rye was first released in 2015. For maturation, the Michter’s Rye distillate is entered into the barrel at 103 proof, rather than a more industry standard higher proof as they believe it yields a richer, smoother, more full-bodied whiskey after proper maturation.
The whiskey was matured in fire-charred new American white oak barrels, then aged for an additional period in second custom barrel, assembled from 24 month air-dried wood, toasted to a particular specification.
Each barrel of Michter’s US*1 Barrel Strength Rye is bottled at its particular alcohol level at the time of the bottling. The majority of barrels in the releases range from 107 to 112 proof.

    Nose:    Toffee, honey, black walnut and a hint of campfire.

    Taste:    Dark chocolate, salted caramel, cherry and mint.

    Finish:   Long, spiced balanced by rounded oak.