Macallan The Harmony Collection / Smooth Arabica

Part of the second edition from Macallan’s limited annual release series, this special single malt exudes flavours of ground coffee, hazelnut and vanilla, and provides a delightful whisky and coffee pairing experience.
This unique single malt was inspired by the Ethiopian Arabica bean. Ethiopia is claimed to be the birthplace of coffee as the Arabica bean was the first species of coffee to be cultivated. 
Exuding notes of ground coffee, hazelnuts, sweet raisin and vanilla, this special whisky will transport you into a world of flavour and texture, awakening all of your senses.

    Nose:    Ground coffee, hazelnuts, sweet raisin, dark cherry, toffee, vanilla, sweet oak.

    Taste:    Americano, raisins, cherries, soft spices, walnut, vanilla & oak.

    Finish:    Lingering coffee bean turning sweet and creamy.