Macallan Gold Limited Edition Tin Box Single Malt Whisky

This Macallan Gold Limited Edition Single Malt Whisky in a gift tin is exclusively matured in Sherry oak casks from Jerez, Spain.
This is the second in a series of annual releases celebrating The Macallan's Exceptional Oak Casks.

    Nose:    Citrus, mainly lemon peels, lime and oranges. A nice, sweet tone of vanilla follows, followed by the firmer tones of white pepper and ginger. After a while, a hint of dark chocolate.

    Taste:    Also, delicious vanilla in the mouth. The firm notes of ginger and cinnamon meet me, after which a sweet note of candied apple closes the palate.

    Finish:    Medium-long and dry. Oaky in the aftertaste and the vanilla lasts. And after a while a hint of malt.