Loch Lomond 21 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

Loch Lomond 21 Year Old Single Malt has been matured in the distillery’s finest American oak barrels before being married for up to 3 months before bottling, creating a unique complexity to the finished product. A full-bodied whisky with sweet notes of vanilla fudge, peaches and pear overlaid with subtle peat and lingering oak.
This expression was brough together by Michael Henry, Loch Lomond’s Master Blender, whose signature on each bottle is their personal assurance of quality.

    Nose:    Toasted oak and coconut, green apple and ginger.

    Taste:    Sweet vanilla fudge, peach and pear, lime juice with a touch of cinnamon spice.

    Finish:   Long and dry with a wisp of peat smoke and lingering oak spice.