Lindores Casks of Lindores Oloroso Sherry Single Malt Whisky

‘Casks of Lindores’ are limited releases from Lindores Distillery, packaged in the distinctive Lindores bottle and livery with colour specific base labels. The third “Casks of Lindores”, Oloroso Sherry bottling completes the set. Matured exclusively in Oloroso sherry butts from the area around the city of Jerez de la Frontera in Spain.

    Nose:    Mellow fruity prunes, dates, molasse, touches of vanilla and milk chocolate.

    Taste:    Mellow dried fruits, molasse, dark chocolate with layers of cinnamon and ginger combined with a pleasant nuttiness like walnuts and chestnuts. Smooth texture.

    Finish:    Medium to long.