Lagavulin 11 Year Old Offerman Edition 4 Single Malt Whisky

Part of the Lagavulin Offerman Edition Series, this 11 Year Old is the fourth release, a limited bottling that brings together the bold character of Islay single malt with the exotic charm of Caribbean rum. American actor Nick Offerman was known for his woodcraft skills and passion for steak and whisky and started a partnership with Lagavulin in 2014.
This special release was matured for 11 years and finished in Caribbean rum casks, offering a unique twist on the classic Lagavulin profile.

    Nose:    Smouldering embers, chili pepper, charred citrus peel, freshly baked crème brûlée, lemon cake, vibrant top notes, a distinct maritime and salty character, crusty burnt lemon meringue pie.

    Taste:    Bonfire smoke, black pepper, gentle lemon and lime notes, vanilla sweets, a contrasting sweet saltiness, brine.

    Finish:   Long, with a gentle chili spicy finish.