Kilkerran 8 Year Old Sherry Cask Matured 2023 Release

Mitchell’s Glengyle Distillery was founded by William Mitchell in 1872 and he ran the distillery as a sole proprietor before production ceased altogether in 1925. In November 2000, 75 years after Glengyle had last produced spirit, the buildings had been bought by a new company, Mitchell’s Glengyle Limited, headed by Mr Hedley Wright, chairman of J&A Mitchell and Co Ltd, and great-great nephew of William Mitchell, original founder of Glengyle. Kilkerran is the name that was chosen for the single malt produced at Mitchell’s Glengyle Distillery.
Kilkerran is derived from the Gaelic ‘Ceann Loch Cille Chiarain’ which is the name of the original settlement where Saint Kerran had his religious cell and where Campbeltown now stands.

Highly sought-after single malt from Campbeltown's Glengyle distillery, it's a cask strength edition of Kilkerran single malt, brimming with satisfying layers of sherry and smoke. Weighing in at a bold 57.5% ABV, this one spent its eight years maturing in a sherry cask, ensuring a wealth of dried fruit and cakey spice to complement its peaty core.

    Nose:   Extinguished match, slight musty smoke, vegetable soup, cheddar, malt, hints of citrus and green apples, slightly burnt toast.

    Taste:    There are obvious notes of sherry, plums in chocolate, quite sweet, also light smoke, chili spice, some wood, malt, a bit of sulfur.

    Finish:    Medium, red fruit jam, some oak spice, sweet.

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