Kentucky Owl Batch 12 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

This is Batch 12 of the signature bourbon from Kentucky Owl, blended by new master blender John Rhea. In 2014, Kentucky Owl started releasing their bourbon batch blends. Batch 12 was released in 2022.

    Nose:    Buttery popcorn and cigar smoke, leathery, dried fruit, fig, well-aged rum, and chocolate. Scents of bright virgin oak, classic bourbon notes of vanilla, sweet spices, and plum.

    Taste:    Tobacco coated, intense sweet flow of charred corn and fig. Perfectly balanced with shades of resin and oak at the core. Bold, solid, ginger milk, liquorice caramel, and spicy almond.

    Finish:   Medium, full body. Glace the palate so tenderly despite the hefty strength. Poise with fine leather and tobacco.