Johnnie Walker Blue Label Legendary Eight 200th Anniversary

Johnnie Walker is arguably the most popular and recognisable blended Scotch on the market. Its core range includes the standard Red Label and Black Label, introduced in 1909 and named, quite simply, after their packaging. The iconic “striding man” motif was first drawn by Tom Browne the year prior. The premium Blue Label brand was introduced in 1992, and is composed using malt whisky from some of the most sought after distilleries in Diageo's extensive portfolio.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Legendary Eight is a smooth, mellow Scotch made using some of the rarest Whiskies from around the untamed wilds of Scotland, including exceptionally rare Whiskies from 'ghost' distilleries. Each Whisky is hand selected from only eight legendary distilleries that existed when John Walker made the first steps on his journey 200 years ago. This is just one in a series of releases that celebrates their 200th anniversary.

    Nose:    Rich with layers of brown sugars, soft fruit and sweet wood, reveal hints of green apple and a subtle zest.

    Taste:    A wonderful sweetness envelops the taste buds, through which notes of stone fruits, stewing apples and cocoa emerge.

    Finish:    A wisp of smoke comes through to deepen the flavour resulting in a soft and lightly peppered finish.