Jack Daniel's Silver Select Single Barrel 100 Proof 2nd Generation

Originally released in 1997 as a Travel Retail exclusive, Jack Daniel's Silver Select Single Barrel was bottled at a higher strength of 100 Proof. The 1st generation bottle design was produced from 1997 until 2010, when it was re-packaged in the new square single barrel bottle with re-designed label and packaging. Jack Daniel’s Silver Select was finally discontinued in 2015.
This is the 2nd generation bottle produced between 2010 and 2015.

    Nose:    Caramel, sweetness, vanilla, spices, oak.

    Taste:    Sweet, powerful onset, lots of caramel, sweetcorn, fine spiciness, slightly bitter, lots of volume.

    Finish:    Long warm spicy aftertaste with oak notes.

Note: Product has come from a private collection, minor markings are inevitable and collectors should have reasonable expectations in this regard.