Jack Daniel's 12 Year Old Batch 2 Tennessee Whiskey

Introduced in 2023, Jack Daniel’s 12 Year Old Tennessee Whiskey is the older of the two aged expressions launched by the company, with the other being aged for 10 years. Now an annual release, Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Chris Fletcher, states that the ‘Jack Daniel’s Aged Series has given us the opportunity to produce modern whiskeys that simultaneously capture the essence of the liquid Mr. Jack created over 150 years ago’. These two expressions afford consumers the opportunity to try not only the two age stated whiskeys that the company produces on an annual basis, but also the two oldest whiskeys they’ve ever released. This is Batch 2 of the 12 Year Old Aged Series released in 2024.

    Nose:    Rich maple candy, caramel, brown butter, slightly charred oak, banana soufflé, touch of butterscotch, silky sweet aroma.

    Taste:    Light butterscotch, baking spices, aged dry oak, maple candy, light rye grain, burnt caramel.

    Finish:   Chewy charred oak, thick caramel, light maple candy, rye spice, baking spices, lingering spice.