Jack Daniel’s Bonded Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s Bonded whiskey honours the 1890s, the time when Mr. Jack Daniel began bottling whiskey in his signature square bottle. It was distilled to the standards of the Bottled-In-Bond act (1897), meaning this whiskey is from one distilling season, at 100 proof, and was matured for a minimum of 4 years at their federally bonded warehouses. It has been aged in select barrels for added depth and character.

    Nose:    Notes of vanilla, oak, baking spice and milk chocolate.

    Taste:    Oak, caramel cake, roasted corn, baking spice, vanilla, toast, touch of earthiness and dried cherries.

    Finish:   Medium-long. Roasted corn, caramel, baking spice and a light candy sweetness.