Highland Park 17 Year Old The Dark Single Malt Whisky

The dark and light are concepts that exist in opposition, yet together create a perfect balance, and inspired Highland Park’s Limited Edition releases of the same name.
The Dark 17 Year Old celebrates autumn and winter in Orkney. The serpent dragon design on the bottle and box takes its inspiration from the great Norse sagas, embracing both the high sun of the summer solstice and the low sun of the winter solstice, while the runic writing reflects the ancient carvings of their Viking ancestors, in Orkney.
The Dark has been matured exclusively in sherry seasoned oak casks.

    Nose:    Nuts and raisins, vanilla, toffee, Xmas spice, sherry wood, little nutmeg, cloves, brown sugar, hints of molasses and acacia honey.

    Taste:    Little punchy, creamy, liquorice, subtle sweetness, dried fruits, nutty, spices, sherry wood, toffee, pepper, vanilla, orange zest, hints of cooked fruits.

    Finish:   Medium long, warm, spicy, woody, toffee.