Hibiki 17 Year Old Blended Japanese Whisky

‘Hibiki’ to the Japanese represents harmony, the name symbolises this unique marriage of malts and harmonious blend from Japan.
The 24 faces of the bottle symbolise the ancient tradition of ‘Sekki’, the age-old Japanese calendar and followed for centuries, it represents the 24 seasons.
Suntory’s Hibiki 17 Year Old has been matured in Japanese Mizunara oak casks.

    Nose:    Very fruity from the start, with a medium intensity. Custard cream, soft spices, and a spoonful of honey and mostly fruits. Tropical (mango, pineapple, papaya) and occidental ones (oranges, peach, plums). Slight citrusy notes as well.

    Taste:    A bit of oak, those tropical fruits from the nose, apricot, spices from the Mizunara, and a slight bitterness reminiscent of black cherry. Green apple, orange peel, bananas. Honey and hints of sherry casks.

    Finish:    Long, honey, oak, and lots of fruits, again.