Glendronach 1994 Hand Filled 25 Year Old Cask #7459

An exclusive Glendronach, available to hand fill from the distillery gift shop. This whisky was distilled on 15th June 1994 and laid to rest in Oloroso cask #7459 for 25 years.
Bottle #522 drawn from sherry puncheon #7459

    Nose:    Acacia honey, brown sugar, molasses, spices, nutmeg, old wood, toffee, dark chocolate, hints of tobacco and ham, dried fruits, plums, dates, figs.

    Taste:    Punchy, oily, liquorice, subtle sweetness, dried fruits, dates, figs, toffee, spices, nutmeg, tobacco, chocolate, heavy sherry wood, hints of coffee.

    Finish:    Long, warm, spicy, woody.