Garrison Brothers HoneyDew Texas Honey-Infused Bourbon

Garrison Brothers award-winning Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey, infused with Burleson’s Texas Wildflower Honey, resulting in a smooth, light bourbon with a sweet honey finish. Garrison Brothers’s Master Distiller transformed used bourbon barrels into small, wooden cubes that were immersed in honey. After fully absorbing it, they were placed in the belly of a stainless-steel tank, letting the bourbon soak up those delicious honey flavours every single day for seven months. Released in 2023.

    Nose:    Sweet elderberry syrup, wildflowers and Mom’s honey-pineapple upside-down cake, baking in the oven.

    Taste:    Wildflowers, plum jelly, vanilla and cloves. Sweet honey butter on a warm yeast roll. Delicate hibiscus tea and saltwater taffy that tingles the roof of your mouth.

    Finish:   Stewed apricots, cinnamon-toast-crunch cereal and El Rey white chocolate. A pleasing mouthful of summertime joy.