Daftmill 2010 Summer Batch Release 2021 Single Malt Whisky

This is the Limited Edition Summer 2021 release from Daftmill. Summer 2010 was the last time they used the variety Optic for distilling, grown in our South fields. The whisky from the twenty five first-fill bourbon barrels used in this bottling were distilled and filled in July 2010 and bottled in 2021.
Only 6,250 bottles released.

    Nose:    A vibrant and playfully fruity profile, one that immediately recalls lime cordial, cheesecake, new leather, limoncello and sweet youthful dessert wines. This one really does feel ‘summery’ with notes of yellow flowers, nectars and pollens.

    Taste:    The sweetness is more restrained by bigger and more assertive cereal tones. Malt extract, freshly crushed grist, soda bread spread with honey and butter, and then some muddled green herbs. This herbal quality takes on a nicely bitter edge with time and there are further toasty cereal notes.

    Finish:    The cereal richness in this one lingers for a good length of time, with additional notes of bitter lemon pith, bread dough and dried flowers. Veers cleverly between punchy and playful.