Chivas Royal Salute 21 Years Old The Ruby Flagon Limited Edition

Royal Salute was created in 1953 to mark the coronation of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The name of this exceptional Scotch Whisky comes from the 21 Gun Royal Salute, which is fired as a mark of respect for powerful dignitaries. This whisky was aged for 21 years in oak casks, then bottled in porcelain flagons.
This is the Ruby Flagon Limited Edition of Chivas Royal Salute 21 Year Old, the ruby being one of the jewels on the Royal Crown.

    Nose:    Very fruity at first. Cherries and dough are reminiscent of crumble cakes. Then it gets tart over time and shows the oak.

    Taste:    The red fruits are back with cherries and berries. But then the age and maturity are clearly shown with dry oak.

    Finish:   Pleasantly dry. Medium length, mild.