Ichiro's Malt Mizunara Wood Reserve Pure Malt Japanese Whisky

Released in 2010 and crafted by Ichiro Akuto, The Ichiro’s Malt was matured in precious Japanese Mizunara Oak. This pre malt was matured, vatted and bottled at Chichibu distillery.

    Nose:    Fruity and slightly tart. Apple, caramel, vanilla, plums with cinnamon, oak spice, banana, mint, cherry, tree bark, pear, pineapple, leather and a hint of tobacco.

    Taste:    Powerful start, but also creamy and smooth. Pepper, cherries, limes, caramel, plums, espresso, cane sugar, hazelnut cream.

    Finish:    Medium-long finish. Oak seasoning, vanilla, malt, cherries and dark chocolate.