Bruichladdich Octomore 10.3 Dialogos - Islay Barley

Bruichladdich was built in 1881 by the Harvey brothers, who owned the Dundashill and Yoker grain distilleries in Glasgow.
Unlike their neighbouring distilleries from the island of Islay, the Bruichladdich range is made without peat. Without the influence of smoke, they expose the brilliance of our raw ingredient – barley. Stepping further outside of whisky tradition, they have traced ingredients from origin to bottling, embracing every growing season, the subtlety of changing barley varietals and the methods applied in growing them.

Octomore is the super-heavily peated single malt produced by Bruichladdich distillery, the most routinely heavily peated in the world. The whisky is named after the farm of the same name, located on a hillside north of the town of Port Charlotte.
Distilled in 2013 from the 2012 harvest, The Octomore 10.3 has been brought home by farmer James Brown, taking on the challenge of growing Islay Barley
less than a mile from Bruichladdich at Octomore Farm. For the first time, the 10.3 is matured for six years but crucially only in ex-American oak.
The 10.3 release is bottled at 61.3% abv and is described as the 'Naturalistic Observation' in the Dialogos series.

    Nose:    Wet earth, sea breeze, boiled potatoes, smokehouse, slightly sweet, lemon peel, cough syrup.

    Taste:    Sweet, honey, vanilla, lemon juice, apple pie, lots of smoke, dark chocolate.

    Finish:    Long, pleasant, quite sweet, warming, citrus finish with hints of herbs.


Please note: The Octomore range outer tins are extremely prone to dings and scratches. The tins often arrive into our warehouse suffering from minor damage in transit. This is out of our control. When we dispatch to our customers, we will re-pack to avoid further damage in transit but collectors should have reasonable expectations in this regard.