Bruichladdich Blacker, Redder and Golder Still Bundle

A bundle of 3 rare, Limited Edition releases from Bruichladdich distillery, matured for more than 2 decades and bottled at cask strength. All 3 releases have been signed by Jim McEwan.

Bundle includes 3 drams 700ml each:

- Blacker Still - Distilled in 1986, aged for 20 years and bottled in 2006 at cask strength. It was matured over two decades in sherry casks in a traditional, earthen floor warehouse.
Only 2,840 bottles released. ABV 50.7%.

    Nose:    Great dried fruit mix, especially prunes and raisins, a little vanilla and cotton candy, seaweed.

    Taste:    Nut, wood, salt, dry, a little lake, creamy, light fruit.

    Finish:   Very long, wood and a lot of salt.

- Redder Still - Distilled in 1984, aged for 22 years, bottled in 2007 at cask strength. It was matured in first-fill American oak casks and finished in Lafleur's premium, flavour-rich French Troncais oak casks.
Only 4,080 bottles released. ABV 50.4%.

    Nose:    Heather, seaweed, some prunes and raisins, light bourbon notes, some orange, sugar.

    Taste:    Pine, resin, wax, raspberry, salt, some algae, salt, oily.

    Finish:   Long, raspberry, resin, nut.

- Golder Still - Distilled in 1984, aged for 23 years and bottled in 2008 at cask strength. It was matured in unusual, hand-made squat American bourbon hogsheads – experimental "dumpy" casks that American coopers flirted with briefly in the eighties.
Only 4,866 bottles released. ABV 51%.

    Nose:    Vanilla heavy, lemon, malty, cream, hay, cinnamon.

    Taste:    Vanilla, fresh vanilla bean, perfectly integrated spices, oak, sweetness.

    Finish:   A warm oak and spice finish, medium-long.

Note: Products come from a private collection, minor markings are inevitable and collectors should have reasonable expectations in this regard.