Booker’s 7 Year Old 2023-03 ‘Mighty Fine Batch’

Booker Noe, Jim Beam’s grandson, was the sixth generation of the Beam family to make bourbon and ‘Master Distiller’ for over 40 years at the Jim Beam distillery.
In 1988, Booker created a new bourbon experience Booker’s – a rare, aged to perfection, barrel strength bourbon. One that lets bourbon drinkers enjoy it the way his grandfather Jim Beam had: full of big, bold flavours.
Booker’s releases a few new batches every year. These vary in age, proof and character.
This is the third release of the Booker’s Bourbon 2023 Collection: Batch 2023-03 ‘Mighty Fine Batch’. This batch is named in honour of the signature phrase Booker Noe used to compliment anything he approved of, from his namesake bourbon to his country ham. ‘Mighty fine’ was Booker Noe’s go-to phrase.

    Nose:    The vanilla and brown sugar sweet notes come through very well from the white oak barrels.

    Taste:    Full-bodied, with rich vanilla and caramel.

    Finish:   The finish gives a lovely ‘Kentucky Hug’.