Benriach Smoke Season Single Malt Whisky

The Benriach Distillery was founded in 1898 by John Duff, a serial entrepreneur within the whisky industry. Having pursued whisky adventures at home and abroad, John decided that the best place to build his new distillery would be on a small hill, or ‘Ben’ at the site of the old ‘Riach’ farm, in the north of Speyside. Benriach was born.
Although the rough-hewn walls of Benriach’s warehouses may seem unassuming, they are home to a rare breed of creative expertise in whisky distilling and eclectic cask maturation. It is where their ingenious and dedicated team spend their days crafting their award winning Speyside single malts, tirelessly pushing the limits of flavour possibility.

Celebrating the time of year where peated spirit runs through Benriach stills, a tradition revived by the distillery over 50 years ago, Smoke Season is a small batch release which captures one of Benriach’s time-honoured production techniques.
This special edition has been two-cask matured in both American virgin oak and bourbon barrels - wood types intentionally selected to amplify the toasted sweet notes in Benriach’s smoky spirit.

    Nose:    Caramel smoke, oak spice, citrus peel.

    Taste:    Smoked dark vanilla, seared apple, and cinnamon with lingering charred orange into a sweet and smoky finish.

    Finish:    Medium length, sweetish, spicy, smoke.