Balvenie 27 Year Old Distant Shores Stories Collection

The Balvenie Stories collection is designed to bring to life the tales of 'character, endeavour and craft' of those at Balvenie through the generations.
The 27 Year Old A Rare Discovery From Distant Shores is of a rare Caribbean rum maturation that begins not in a distillery warehouse, but amongst the glistening bottle-lined shelves of The Balvenie’s Sample Room. During a sunny visit, John Barrett introduced Caroni rum samples, which the team at Balvenie found exceptional and an order of Caroni rum was immediately placed on the spot. David C. Stewart later aged Balvenie whisky in Caroni rum casks, the result being unique with special flavours and velvety feel.

    Nose:    Rich toasted oak dusted with chocolate and cocoa notes, creamy vanilla bean, and hints of clove and cinnamon spice cover a deep layer of dried fruit and citrus peel.

    Taste:    Elegant vanilla, dark chocolate, dried fruit and creamy caramel top layers of rich malt and oak.

    Finish:   Velvety with a long delicately spiced caramel mocha note.